Soft Skills in the Process of Ensuring the Principles of Education with a Life Force


  • Hrushchynska Nataliia National Aviation University, Kyiv03058, Ukraine



Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Continuing Education, Technological Changes


The article analyzes the development of soft skills in the process of ensuring the implementation of the principles of continuous education in the modern transformational conditions of society. Values influence people's goals and, accordingly, the sphere of their professional realization. The emergence of new professions is determined by the needs and values of society. Accordingly, the implementation of continuous education requires the development of not only hard skills but also soft skills. The development of self-awareness and social consciousness in each individual is important. Only plasticity of thought, creativity, and freedom of choice can attract competitive specialists to the market. The trend of wanting to study offline is interesting, but despite the growing virtualization of communication among the younger generation, it gives hope that the choice of profession is conscious and, of course, the person who studies will get good knowledge and skills. 


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