Green Computing – A Survey of the Current Technologies




Cloud Computing, Green Cloud Computing, ICT, E-waste, Carbon Footprint


Cloud computing is a dynamic technology with various application spheres because of its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. However, since the energy demand for information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is on the rise, cloud computing is facing new challenges related to environmental protection, power consumption, energy efficiency, and carbon dioxide emissions. The latest technologies that strive for sustainable energy efficiency and a reduced e-waste and carbon footprint are constantly being researched and deployed. These technologies have the potential to transform cloud computing into green cloud computing. In this survey, the authors investigated recent research methodologies such as algorithm-based, architecture-based, framework-based, model-based, methods-based, and general issue-based approaches. Many of these research projects are still in their infancy and are yet to be commercially implemented. The last thing that was talked about was some future research trends and some of the open challenges in green cloud computing.


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