An Analysis of the Nature of Indian Tourism with Respect to Domestic and International Visitors


  • M. Vetrivel Department of Commerce, VELS University (VISTAS), Chennai, 600117, India
  • Sandeep Poddar Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Lincoln University College, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



Tourism, India, Services, Fairs, Visa-on-arrival


Tourism has been one of the thrust areas of the Government of India from time to time. The Governments at every level have made every effort to promote India as a tourist destination. This has been recognized as a part of the services sector. Every country in the world has attached great importance to tourism.  International visitors have been thronging India due to the various facilities available for tourists. Events like tourist fairs and facilities like visa-on-arrival are certain measures in this direction. At the same time, many countries have recognized Indian nationals as potential tourists and have rolled out several attractive schemes specifically for Indian nationals. This study was performed to study the nature of tourism in India in terms of its performance based on both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals, and the larger revenue-generating potential this industry possesses. From the present study, it is evident that over the previous two decades, India's tourism industry has performed admirably.


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