Chinese Yuan Per Sdr During Covid-19


  • Debesh Bhowmik Research Professor, Lincoln University College, Malaysia



Yuan Per SDR, Internationalization of Yuan, Multiple Regression, CUSUM of Squares, Correlation Matrix, Seasonal Variation


In this paper, author seeks to explore the dominant determinants that would influence the behaviour of Yuan per SDR especially during the period of Covid-19 from 2020m1 to 2021m7 since Yuan enters into the SDR basket from October 2016.Author selected three dimensions such as dominant macro variables, exchange rates and important capital market indicators. The paper found that Yuan/US$ had great influence on Yuan per SDR rate, export, import and foreign exchange reserves which affected Yuan per SDR rate and market capitalization, number of listed companies, Shanghai Composite Index and interbank lending trading volume have significant impact on the Yuan per SDR during the specified period. The paper focus on the policies of capital account convertibility, exchange rate stability, more participation in interbank lending, balance the onshore and offshore RMB market, and strengthening capital market of China.


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