Daylight Illumination and Building Architecture - Effect at Workplace


  • Sandeep Poddar Lincoln University College, Petaling Jaya, Selangor D, E.47301, Malaysia
  • Sriparna Guha Brainware University, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700125, India



Daylight, Architecture, Technology, Indoor Work, Human Resource, Workplace Behaviour


Occupational health and architecture on the modern office-based work environment is a major public health concern of this era. Information and communication technology have created a world where a high-quality working environment is vital for the office workers. Majority of the nation provide quantity rather than quality of work conditions. According to the researcher’s poor indoor environmental quality, such as illumination, has a detrimental influence on human health and performance. The purpose of this study is to discuss about the effect of day light illumination on worker productivity. This paper has analyzed previous researches and have directed for future research. This study also shows that an adverse day light condition has a negative impact on workers' health and resulting adverse effect on productivity and efficiency. They are also at risk of contracting occupational ailments. Proper day light illumination is advisable which is a necessity for both employee and employer.


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Sandeep Poddar, & Sriparna Guha. (2021). Daylight Illumination and Building Architecture - Effect at Workplace. Asia-Pacific Journal of Management and Technology (AJMT), 2(1), 11-16.