Impact of Training on Organisational Productivity


  • Senjuti Goswami Amity Global Institute, Singapore
  • Ranjit Chandra Saha Lincoln University College, Malaysia



This study was aimed to achieve the general objective of assessing the impact of internal/employer-provided training on employee and organizational outcomes. More specifically, the study covered the impact of training on employees, the impact of training on rate of employee turnover in companies (including a comparative analysis of the costs involved in the processes of training and hiring and firing employees), and the impact of training on the general firing trends of companies. The research adopted the quantitative research method which relied on data and information collected through two questionnaires which were distributed to 200 respondents. The responses were purposively sampled and analysed to make conclusions based on a deductive research approach. The study established a strong positive relationship between internal training and positive outcomes for both employees and companies.


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